Electrical Equipment Centers


Volta’s Electrical Equipment Centers (EEC) are the center of our integrated product offering. We provide our customers the flexibility of custom design and reduced delivery time that result from our vertically integrated capabilities with engineering, manufacturing, integration, and QA/QC performed in the same facility.


EEC Product Overview

Volta provides total package responsibility for our Electrical Equipment Centers (EEC’s). Interlocking panel design and welded plate design are available.


  • Interlocking Panel (18 Gauge – 12 Gauge)
  • Crimp Plate (1/4” – 3/8”)   

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Options for EEC’s

  • Fire & Gas Detection
  • Fire Suppression 
  • HVAC, Pressurization and Purging 
  • Cable Tray & MCT’s
  • Computer Floors
  • Raised ceiling
  • Utilities, DC & UPS 
  • Systems Grounding & Isolated Ground 
  • Shipping Splits
  • Multi-Story

Features and Benefits

  • Labor costs are typically lower (factory vs. site construction).
  • Customer has fewer vendors and purchase orders to process.
  • Significant reduction of engineering and procurement cost.
  • Managed Scheduling where all fabrication is completed in indoors without delays caused by inclement weather.
  • Reduced cycle time allows engineer to refine design before manufacture begins. 
  • A safe factory environment with the highest level of quality where engineering and vendor work together to support the project during the whole manufacturing process including in house Quality Control/Assurance.