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Why Choose Volta?

Industrial power systems have grown in complexity while resources required to properly manage these projects have been reduced. Many times, owners, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors must devote their limited resources to ensure project objectives are met.  Volta can supplement your resources and provide project management. With over 100 years combined experience in design, manufacturing, and management of industrial power systems projects, our expertise (when used with your current resources) will ensure successful project completion.

Currently, customers in the market are limited to two solutions for their packaging requirements. First solution is to become project managers themselves and procure the individual equipment packages from their preferred vendors and the equipment centers from various building manufacturers. As project complexity increases, issues can arise with electrical and mechanical equipment interface, engineering coordination among products, and equipment deliveries. In many cases, the limited resources and expertise available to the customer result in dissatisfaction with the completed project, schedule delays, and under realization of the benefits of packaging.

The second solution is to purchase the complete package from a single, vertically integrated supplier.  However, this can result in limited equipment options, a limited number of qualified vendors for bidding, higher cost and overall compromise of customer requirements.


Volta provides a unique third solution.

Volta’s expertise and experience in packaging of electrical equipment allows for selection of the best equipment. Volta can provide low and medium voltage switchgear and MCC manufactured to your specifications using your preferred vendors for components. In addition, Volta can coordinate customer furnished equipment/material or procure specialized equipment for the customer. Then, Volta provides overall engineering and project management with first class equipment centers to meet the customer’s expectations. This solution optimizes the customer’s resources, supplements their expertise, maximizes the benefits of the packaging process and provides maximum value to all stakeholders.

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State of the Art Manufacturing.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Volta is located on 16.5 acres in Houston, Texas with excellent access to Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). It is close to Interstate I-45 and Sam Houston Toll Road and easily accessible to heavy haul trucks for the ease of shipping Electrical Equipment Centers (EEC’s). View Map

The Volta facility was designed and constructed to meet the specialized requirements of our business beginning with a separate skid fabrication shop that ensures efficient and safe structural fitting and welding. The skids are then moved to our wet paint booth (28’ wide x 70’ long x 20’ high) where Volta then applies paint, undercoating and spray-on insulation as required by customer specifications.

Next, the completed skid is moved to one of our two large Electrical Equipment Center (EEC) assembly areas (88,0000 total SF). Walls that are manufactured and powder coated in our adjacent fabrication area are then erected.  

Afterwards, large equipment (switchgear, MCC, transformers, VFD’s, etc.) are lowered via overhead cranes into the EEC and secured to the floor plate.  Upon completion, the ceiling and roof are installed.

The EEC is completely manufactured and pre-tested indoors. After customer-accepted witness Factory Acceptance Testing, Volta provides safe and secure loading onto ground transportation via overhead cranes.

Both EEC assembly areas are supported by electrical assembly and sheet metal/powder coating areas.

In our electrical assembly area (20,000 SF), switchgear and MCC are manufactured and assembled to meet customer requirements.

The sheet metal/powder coating area (22,500 SF) provides finished sheet metal products for the electrical assembly and EEC walls and roof.


Facilities include

Total Manufacturing - 152,100 SF

Building No. 1 (Skid Fab) - 11,900 SF with 2 - 10 ton cranes
Building No. 2 (EEC Assembly 1) - 44,000 SF with 4 - 20 ton cranes
Building No. 3 (Elec./Sheet Metal/Powder Coat) - 42,500 SF with 1 - 10 ton cranes
Building No. 4 (Paint/Mfg. Office) - 9,700 SF
Building No. 5 (EEC Assembly 2) - 44,000 SF with 3 - 40 ton cranes

Offices - 17,825 SF

Office No. 1 - 8,000 SF (Sales, Accounting, Admin)
Office No. 2 - 9,825 SF (Engineering)

Total Area - 16.5 acres


1616 Gears Rd.
Houston, TX 77067

1702 Gears Rd.
Houston, TX 77067



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